Organizing Gift Wrap & Supplies

Underbed Gift Wrap Storage

Underbed Gift Wrap Storage


An easy solution for gift wrap and supplies, particularly when space is limited

is an “under the bed” solution, like this long, narrow plastic box.



 These are bag holders from Ikea which have been mounted to a wall

and are a clever and space-saving solution for rolls of wrapping paper.

I love using the back of doors for so many things!

These are simple dowels from Ikea, originally intended for the kitchen but repurposed for this clever gift wrap solution.

Gift wrap “carts” which can be purchased at places like Ballard and Crate & Barrel offer a nice portable solution.

They can be stored in a closet or craft room and then wheeled up to a table when a larger surface is required.

A slightly more ambitious do-it-yourself solution is this converted stool.

Attach purchased or handmade canvas bags to the legs of the inverted stool and use the center to hold rolls of wrapping paper.